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The word “liturgy” is defined through its greek word “leitourgia”, which is a word that describes “the work of the people” that happens through worship, ritual, service, and prayer…it’s also how we got our name.

A Visual Exploration

Liturgy is often associated with traditional high churches who practice the daily, weekly, seasonal, annual three-year calendar rhythm. It is part of the connective tissue that helps people all over the world join as the “one body that is the church.”

We have been creating and curating this extensive, ever-evolving gallery of visual poetry, prayer, blessing, interpretive and contemplative pieces with hope that a real connection grows. We hope your imagination is activated, and are inspired to dream and co-create with God.

We invite you to explore our extensive library, even if you have never experienced liturgy. Whether you are an individual seeking a trellis for your practice, a small group, or a church leader, this is for you. The library is easily searchable by topic, keyword, author, scripture reference or by the lectionary calendar.

Because we believe our faith will be a work in progress throughout our lives, we hope who you are and who you continue to become is a declaration of abundance, freedom, love, and grace.

"A visual meditation and creative practice that gently guides us... TWOTP films don't want to control you, they seem to center you."

Bill Priesmeyer

Liturgy Inspired by the Psalms

“The Psalter is the prayer book of Jesus Christ…” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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