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The literal definition of "liturgy" is "the work of the people," and yes, that's how we got our name. We believe art isn't a utilitarian tool, it's a prophetic witness that embeds us in our humanity and activates our imagination for a world that doesn't yet exist but which we have been called to co-create, God's alternate upside down world of abundance and freedom, love and grace.

We produce visual prayers, visual poems and visual benedictions, interpretive and contemplative pieces as well as looped visual imagery for worship. They are all useful in practical ways and in various settings, but they aren't meant to decorate, they are meant to declare. Through language, and in ways beyond language, they declare the truth of what has been, the reality of what is and the hope of what is not yet.

Visual Liturgy content is searchable by topic, keyword, author, scripture reference or by the lectionary calendar. (If you follow the lectionary, ours is the only collection of visual liturgy for every week of the full three year lectionary cycle. Yep, we have that much stuff.)

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Healed at the Table

Welcome others to a new table.

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