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Work out your faith and renew hope through our film library of spiritual leaders and contemplative pieces.


More than 1000 films

An eclectic, ecumenical, and unparalleled growing collection of provocative short films and interviews with spiritual leaders & thinkers, authors, practitioners, and theologians.

Film Series

Multi-session thematic series

Explore and journey through, individual or as a group, thematic film series through accompanying discussion/reflection guides and suggested contemplative practices.


Contemplative Film Pieces

Visual prayers, poems, and benedictions, as well as looped visual imagery to create space for prayer and contemplation and to bring theology to life.

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"TWOTP represents a new era of wonder-filled Christianity."

Richard Rohr

"TWOTP’s work is critically important, soulful and beautiful."

Brené Brown

"Artistic and provocative films that help us understand Christianity for today."

Grace Ji-Sun Kim

"Through TWOTP's lens, we are able to view the many manifestations of wisdom and hope from women and men, who are also on the journey and are engaging the mysteries of life."

Barbara A. Holmes

"The Work of the People films are a resource of deep and thoughtful reflection, and give us a whole perspective on the possible riches at the heart of our human existence."

Rowan Williams

"TWOTP produces films that nourish the life of faith without putting anything sticky sweet in them."

Barbara Brown Taylor

"TWOTP wades into the hard issues, shows why they are important, and provides ways to think faithfully about them."

Walter Brueggemann

"You will be grateful for TWOTP’s creativity, faith, and joy."

Justin Welby

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Journey individually or as a group through thematic film series guided by accompanying discussion and reflection questions along with suggested contemplative practices.

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Light living fires in your heart and in the hearts of your communities through films with some of the most incendiary theologians and authors who share their most explosive ideas.

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Visual prayers, poems, and benedictions, as well as looped visual imagery to create space for prayer and contemplation, bring theology to life, and provide spiritual oxygen for the journey.

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Experience the film in a clean, distraction-free webpage viewer.

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