Film Series Thematic film sessions

Journey individually or as a group through thematic film series guided by accompanying discussion and reflection questions along with suggested contemplative practices.

The film series bundles originated from the desire of our users to have a way of going deeper with the content of the film. We started by putting a few questions beneath each film, but over time we saw a way of grouping films by topic or author to widen the experience and create a study around ideas that, hopefully, inspire imagination. So, here is where you can enter into a self or leader-led study complete with a downloadable curriculum/leader guide. Our curriculum includes original reflections, questions leading to in-depth self/group inquiry, ancient and/or adapted spiritual practices that have enriched us along the way, and often original poetry/blessings.

Our reflections are written by various writers, poets, contemplatives and dreamers we are honored to call friends. We hope the writing feels more like a companion on the journey than a monologue with a definite start and end, for we have come to the understanding that we live in cycles of starts, middles, and ends. So, this is our way of sharing our humanity “with” you because the expertise we have to offer is what we have grown to know from our journeys. Travis Reed often says, “I can only pass on to you what has been passed on to me.” This is the heart from which we share: we want to connect not complicate or convince.

We understand that we cannot possibly hit all meaningful aspects of human creativity and our expression of God, life, love, pain, growth in such a short pieces. The hope is that God’s invitation to each and every one of us to a greater awareness to the healing that comes through co-creating with God and one another is highlighted, and we know and trust that when you or your group add your reflections on the piece a more complete picture continues to be revealed.

We ask God to bless you with stillness, willingness, and curiosity during your study. We hope you stay present in the journey, and hope you keep exploring and growing. We’d love to hear how you use the materials, your feedback inspires.

TWOTP has been the spiritual oxygen we breathed in a season of deconstruction. TWOTP is a harbor for many.

Ami Burr

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