8 New Blessings from Christine Valters Paintner

New Visual Liturgy

Eight new visual liturgy blessings written and recored by Christine Valters Paintner from her Monk In the World spiritual rhythms series.


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We wait for eternal truth to be revealed in the particular here and now - A truth that has ALWAYS been happening.

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Films Coming Soon!America's Unholy Ghosts

A five-session film series on the racist roots of our faith and politics.

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Featured Liturgy for the Times

Open Unto Me with Narration


Updated version of the Howard Thurman liturgy.

Come, Great Spirit


Cast down every barrier to Your freedom.

Praise Song for the Pandemic


Written and read by Christine Valters Paintner from Abbey of the Arts.

Conjectures of A Guilty Bystander


A Mystical Vision from Thomas Merton.

It Was Good


Genesis 1 and 2

MLK Prayer for the Church


Martin Luther King Jr's prayer for the church.

Working Out the Faith See More +

Embracing the Other See More +

Embracing the Other


Who are we making the "other?"

Toward The Other


Is our Christian identity built from fear from the other? Christian author and peacemaker Brian McLaren on four challenges - historical, doctrinal, liturgical and missional - to consider for community transformation.

Expanding Boundaries


Juan Martinez on the other.

Talking Donkeys


Richard Twiss on why North American Christians don't listen to donkeys.

Fallibility and Grace


Are you quick to listen to others in grace?

The Ultimate Embrace


Manu on interfaith compassion.

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