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Earth, Our Original Monastery

Includes 14 films

Welcome to the film series Earth, Our Original Monastery, a contemplative prayer series featuring seven poetic blessings written by Christine Valters Paintner inspired by her book Earth, Our Original Monastery

Poetry is the soul’s language. Through image, lyric, and metaphor, poets are able to convey messages from the soul of their humanity to express a moment of awakened truth—a glimpse of the Creator still at work and ever connected to creation. Christine’s poetic blessings are an invitation into the blessed Divine current, into the practice of deep listening for the whisperings of your own soul. They are contemplative prayer pieces, guides to being present in communion with Creator and creation.

The series includes 7 liturgy films (with and without text) and a discernment & spiritual practice guide for groups or an individual.


  1. Session One // Earth as the Original Cathedral
  2. Session Two // Earth as the Original Scriptures
  3. Session Three // Earth as the Original Saints
  4. Session Four // Earth as the Original Spiritual Director
  5. Session Five // Earth as the Original Icon
  6. Session Six // Earth as the Original Sacrament
  7. Session Seven // Earth as the Original Liturgy

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