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Welcome internet travellers, to a place that hopes to guide you and provide you community on the journey of becoming fully yourself. The journey toward becoming fully human. 

This place is based on a Christian ethic, so some of us who consider Jesus the most human human, might call a journey toward our shared humanity a journey toward what the Christian tradition calls “Christ-likeness.” 

If that language doesn’t make sense to you, no worries. As far as we can tell, whatever language you put on it, God, YHWH, The Divine, The Creator, the disimpassioned grain of the universe, it all bends toward you becoming yourself, and that’s what we’re about. 

Some of us here are refugees from religion. By that we mean some of us have found it difficult to keep our faith when there wasn’t a place to hold our pain or grief. When there wasn’t a place to groan while our wounds healed. When there wasn’t space for honest dialogue about transformation and how hard and disruptive it is.

Oddly enough, we’ve ended up here, part of this online community. Yep, we get that it’s an oxymoron. But a lot of folks need safe community—not like kind of need it need it, like their soul is choking on the smoke of power and they just need a little breath of freedom to get through one more day need it. 

This place has become safe community for travellers headed toward becoming fully themselves. It sits at a weird and timely intersection of publishing, spiritual formation and online learning. That intersection is where the world is, so it’s where Jesus would be. He wouldn’t be a pulpit-dynamic Jesus of “us” preaching at “them.” He’d be a table-dynamic Jesus of just “us,” and everyone is welcome to the table, exactly as they are. 

That’s the kind of welcome we want to make. It’s a hospitable one. It’s an invitation into a house built from our own spiritual journey. This is a meeting place that’s maybe a bit messy, the decorating is slightly suspect, weird family members drop by unannounced. As a meeting place, it’s not perfect. But having a place to meet is more important to us than maintaining the illusion that we have a perfect home, so we’re inviting you in without cleaning up first. Consistently we’ve found the vulnerability of the gesture is worth the connection. 

Besides, if we invited you into one of those perfectly inoffensive fake Ikea living rooms, it would be history-less and story-less. It’d be weird. You’d notice. If we expected to always meet your expectations, and you expected to always have your expectations met… well, that's consuming, not visiting. It’s marketing, not hospitality. It preempts vulnerability on both our parts and therefore pre-empts possibility. 

We choose vulnerability and possibility. We’re comfortable with that. Our place might be a bit messy, it might not be exactly your thing, but you're welcome, anytime. Come on in, and make yourself at home. 

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Founder, Travis Reed 

Travis Reed is the founder and the filmmaker at The Work Of The People. Travis is no "master craftsman" but he has clocked in over 40,000 hours creating hundreds of short films for communities of faith. Once abused, kidnapped & fatherless, not to mention "evicted" from the Army,  Travis - while at the end of his rope - got saved through a U2 song and now is married to his best friend and a father of two boys. (Read Travis' testimony in Christianity Today). Travis and his family live in Cypress, Texas. Grace abounds…and the Dude abides.

What others have said about Travis

"Travis Reed is the only one of his kind. He wades into the hard issues, shows why they are important, and provides ways to think faithfully about them. In doing so, he lightens our load and transmits energy for the tasks that are now so urgent among us."
Walter Brueggemann

"Travis is quite an artist, creative and faithful, his work is so meaningful. He is a genius behind the camera. In ways that bypass ordinary logic, he sees with his heart, makes connections between apparently unrelated things, and produces films that nourish the life of faith without putting anything sticky sweet in them. You can trust him to move you and make you think at the same time, but above all you can trust him. I did and do.God must be really happy with the way he's turning out."
Barbara Brown Taylor

 "Travis represents a new era of honest and wonder-filled Christianity, that is indeed of the people and not from the usual company men. Watch, listen, and be guided toward wisdom!”
Richard Rohr

"Travis' work is critically important, soulful and beautiful. We need his vision and voice."
Brené Brown


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