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There is so much to say about the Work of the People people. Yes, there are authors, theologians, and practitioners, but above all we have found we don’t come together around our theology as much as we do our quest for shared humanity, truth, and connectivity to God, ourselves, and others.

We have found faith to be ever-evolving, and we hope we stay agile and in flux with the flow of the Creator. Part of our observation of this evolution is a growing shift from one dynamic speaker preaching to congregations of people to a circular, inclusive, eucharistical table talk where people share from the bounty through unscripted conversations. We have found that with no “head-of-the-table” dynamic, we all are honored with the gift of speaking freely from life experiences, places of inspired discovery, and the practice of deep listening. So, that is what you see here: people sharing from their own experiences, from the truths they have discovered on their journeys. Regardless of whether they are authors, theologians, recovering addicts, parents, farmers, poets, or mystics—each voice matters, each story is a gift to the table and so becomes part of the feast. This includes the observer as well. 

TWOTP has grown into a virtual sanctuary for the weary soul, it has become a place to explore faith, to feast on real food and drink. It is a place where authors feel safe being vulnerable and honest and therefore make room for us as companions to do the same. 

Here is where you can read more about this unique collection of wisdom-offerers and experience-sharers that embody friendship and a curiosity for faith and love in action through connectivity—shared humanity—a deep desire to connect eye to eye, soul to soul. These are people we befriended over coffee, a cigar—sometimes a nice ale—a camera and conversation. They are the voices that have risen for a time such as this, an interesting intersection of different countries, races, cultures, denominations, and orientations. Their thoughts stir our imaginations, inspire us to have courage to go deeper, to fully live out our own unique expression of Love in this world.

You can search for any author by name and visit their author page to learn more about the person behind the writing, the inspiration behind their gift, their work, or connect to purchase their books.

We are thankful for the honor of being invited into the conversation with you, and hope you enjoy exploring.

Introducing Barbara A. Holmes

Barbara A. Holmes is a spiritual teacher, activist, and scholar focused on African American spirituality, mysticism, cosmology and culture.

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Scott AlexanderSee More

Scott Alexander

Professor of Islam and Director, Catholic-Muslim Studies at Chicago Theological Union.

James AlisonSee More

James Alison

Theologian, priest and author.

Tony AlonsoSee More

Tony Alonso

One of the most prominent voices in contemporary liturgical music.

Restoration Village ArtsSee More

Restoration Village Arts

Faith and arts community.

David AugsburgerSee More

David Augsburger

Professor, author, counselero and Mennonite.

René  AugustSee More

René August

Anglican priest and reconciler.

Jennifer BaileySee More

Jennifer Bailey

African Methodist Episcopal Church elder.

Chris BakerSee More

Chris Baker

Theologian, political philosopher, sociologist, and professor.

Jay BakkerSee More

Jay Bakker

Pastor, author and grace heretic.

Maggy BarankitseSee More

Maggy Barankitse

Opus Prize-winning humanitarian.

Leroy BarberSee More

Leroy Barber

Author, pastor and Executive Director of The Voices Project.

William BarberSee More

William Barber

Pastor and president NCAAP, North Carolina State Conference.

Diana Butler BassSee More

Diana Butler Bass

Author, speaker and historian.

Dorothy BassSee More

Dorothy Bass

Author and director of the Valparaiso Project.

Jay BeckSee More

Jay Beck

Founding member of The Psalters.

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