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There is so much to say about the Work of the People people. Yes, there are authors, theologians, and practitioners, but above all we have found we don’t come together around our theology as much as we do our quest for shared humanity, truth, and connectivity to God, ourselves, and others.

We have found faith to be ever-evolving, and we hope we stay agile and in flux with the flow of the Creator. Part of our observation of this evolution is a growing shift from one dynamic speaker preaching to congregations of people to a circular, inclusive, eucharistical table talk where people share from the bounty through unscripted conversations. We have found that with no “head-of-the-table” dynamic, we all are honored with the gift of speaking freely from life experiences, places of inspired discovery, and the practice of deep listening. So, that is what you see here: people sharing from their own experiences, from the truths they have discovered on their journeys. Regardless of whether they are authors, theologians, recovering addicts, parents, farmers, poets, or mystics—each voice matters, each story is a gift to the table and so becomes part of the feast. This includes the observer as well. 

TWOTP has grown into a virtual sanctuary for the weary soul, it has become a place to explore faith, to feast on real food and drink. It is a place where authors feel safe being vulnerable and honest and therefore make room for us as companions to do the same. 

Here is where you can read more about this unique collection of wisdom-offerers and experience-sharers that embody friendship and a curiosity for faith and love in action through connectivity—shared humanity—a deep desire to connect eye to eye, soul to soul. These are people we befriended over coffee, a cigar—sometimes a nice ale—a camera and conversation. They are the voices that have risen for a time such as this, an interesting intersection of different countries, races, cultures, denominations, and orientations. Their thoughts stir our imaginations, inspire us to have courage to go deeper, to fully live out our own unique expression of Love in this world.

You can search for any author by name and visit their author page to learn more about the person behind the writing, the inspiration behind their gift, their work, or connect to purchase their books.

We are thankful for the honor of being invited into the conversation with you, and hope you enjoy exploring.

IntroducingBarbara A. Holmes

Barbara A. Holmes is a spiritual teacher, activist, and scholar focused on African American spirituality, mysticism, cosmology and culture.

see more

Brene Brown See More

Brene Brown

Speaker, author and professor.

Parker Palmer See More

Parker Palmer

Writer, speaker, and activist.

Rudy Rasmus See More

Rudy Rasmus

Pastor, author, and global humanitarian.

Maggy Barankitse See More

Maggy Barankitse

Opus Prize-winning humanitarian.

Walter Brueggemann See More

Walter Brueggemann

Old Testament theologian and poet. 

Barbara Brown Taylor See More

Barbara Brown Taylor

Beloved author and professor.
NT Wright See More

NT Wright

Author. Theologian. Smart.

Richard Rohr See More

Richard Rohr

Franciscan and internationally known speaker.

Claudio Oliver See More

Claudio Oliver

Friend and Prophet.

Shane Claiborne See More

Shane Claiborne

Author, activist and new monastic, peace dude.

Christine Valters Paintner See More

Christine Valters Paintner

Author, poet, guide, and online Abbess.

Logan M Isaac See More

Logan M Isaac

Veteran, Abbot, Author, Advocate, Educator. and #GIJustice fanatic.

Kathleen Norris See More

Kathleen Norris

Bestselling essayist, and an award-winning poet, writer, and author.

Marco Saavedra See More

Marco Saavedra

Dreamer, artist, and prominent immigrant rights activist

Suzanne Stabile See More

Suzanne Stabile

Enneagram speaker, teacher, and author.

Marcus Borg See More

Marcus Borg

New Testament scholar and theologian.

Barbara A. Holmes See More

Barbara A. Holmes

Contemplative, activist, writer, and theologian.

John Smith See More

John Smith

Founder , God's Squad Motorcycle Club. 
Kathryn Tanner See More

Kathryn Tanner

Professor, theologian, and author.

Joel Edward Goza See More

Joel Edward Goza

Scholar, author, pastor, and chruch planter.

Ilia Delio See More

Ilia Delio

Franciscan and theologian, with interests in evolution, physics and neuroscience.

Alexander John Shaia See More

Alexander John Shaia

Author, guide, speaker, psychologist, anthropologist, and mystic.

Kathy Khang See More

Kathy Khang

Writer, speaker, and yoga teacher.

Ron Rolheiser See More

Ron Rolheiser

Catholic priest and theologian.

Danielle Fanfair See More

Danielle Fanfair

Writer and Enneagram Consultant.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim See More

Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Korean-American theologian and professor.

Kelly Brown Douglas See More

Kelly Brown Douglas

Theologian and author.

James Alison See More

James Alison

Theologian, priest and author.

Emilie Townes See More

Emilie Townes

Theologian and author.

Becca Stevens See More

Becca Stevens

Author, speaker, priest, social entrepreneur, and CNN Hero.

Phuc Luu See More

Phuc Luu

Theologian, philosopher, artist, and writer.

Joel B. Green See More

Joel B. Green

Professor, auhtor, and thelogian.

Micky ScottBey Jones See More

Micky ScottBey Jones

Contemplative, activist, healer, and organizer.

Jennifer Bailey See More

Jennifer Bailey

African Methodist Episcopal Church elder.

Howard Thurman See More

Howard Thurman

Author, philosopher, theologian, educator, and civil rights leader. 

Juan Martinez See More

Juan Martinez

Latino, Anabaptist, researcher, and theologian.

Peter Enns See More

Peter Enns

Professor, theologian, and author.

Christena Cleveland See More

Christena Cleveland

Social psychologist, public theologian, author and professor.

Lanecia Rouse Tinsley See More

Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

Artist, theologian, and healer.

Dominique D Gilliard See More

Dominique D Gilliard

Minister and activist.

Soong-Chan Rah See More

Soong-Chan Rah

Professor and author.

Ethan Daly See More

Ethan Daly

Community developer.

Mayra Macedo-Nolan See More

Mayra Macedo-Nolan

Latina-Jesus-follower, wife, mom, neighbor, and leader.

Keturah Kennedy See More

Keturah Kennedy

Executive Director of Mika Community Development Corporation.

Sandra Maria Van Opstal See More

Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Pasotr, author, activist and liturgist.

Rudy Carrasco See More

Rudy Carrasco

Community developer and faciliator.

Jonathan Brooks See More

Jonathan Brooks

Pastor at Canaan Community Church.

Scott Cairns See More

Scott Cairns

Author and poet.

Chris Baker See More

Chris Baker

Theologian, political philosopher, sociologist, and professor.

Miguel A. De La Torre See More

Miguel A. De La Torre

Professor, author, and ethicist.

David Ford See More

David Ford

Academic and public theologian.

Dave Tomlinson See More

Dave Tomlinson

Priest and author.

Jim Wallis See More

Jim Wallis

Author, public theologian, preacher and social activist.

Bryan Stevenson See More

Bryan Stevenson

Civil right actuvust and lawyer.

Rashad Robinson See More

Rashad Robinson

Civil rights leader.

Amal Nassar See More

Amal Nassar

Gardener, activist and enemy lover.

Michael A. Mata See More

Michael A. Mata

Theologian, professor and community developer.

Llewellyn LM MacMaster See More

Llewellyn LM MacMaster

South African minister.

Terry LeBlanc See More

Terry LeBlanc

Mi’kmaq / Acadian and theologian.

Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD See More

Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD

Non-binary Trans*gressive Latin@, activist theologian and ethicist.

James Forbes See More

James Forbes

Educator, administrator, author, preacher, activist, and interfaith leader.

Reggie Williams See More

Reggie Williams

Ethicist, author and professor.

René  August See More

René August

Anglican priest and reconciler.

Simone Campbell See More

Simone Campbell

Nun and holy troublemaker.

Curtiss Paul DeYoung See More

Curtiss Paul DeYoung

Author, teacher and activist.

Justin Lee See More

Justin Lee

Author and activist.

Rob Bowers See More

Rob Bowers

Organic and biodynamic farmer. 

Kallistos Ware See More

Kallistos Ware

One of the best-known Eastern Orthodox theologians.

Rich Nelson See More

Rich Nelson

Episcopal priest and TWOTP writer.

Sara Shisler Goff See More

Sara Shisler Goff

Co-Pastor - The Slate Project

Bob Leopold See More

Bob Leopold

Pastor at Southside Abbey 

Jason Evans See More

Jason Evans

Writer, speaker, artist and musician. 

Jane Gerdsen See More

Jane Gerdsen

Episcopal priest and missioner.

Stephanie Spellers See More

Stephanie Spellers

Author, missiologist and Episcopal priest.

Father Pico See More

Father Pico

Jesuit theologian and sicial scientist.

Jürgen Moltmann See More

Jürgen Moltmann

Renowned theologian.

Mano Rumalshah See More

Mano Rumalshah

Former bishop of Pakistan.

Rowan Williams See More

Rowan Williams

Archbishop, writer, scholar and teacher.

Andy Doyle See More

Andy Doyle

Husband, father, bishop, author and friend.

Nadia Bolz-Weber See More

Nadia Bolz-Weber

Pastor, author and crossfit athlete.

Shellee Layne Coley See More

Shellee Layne Coley

Singer-Songwriter and teacher.

John Phillip Newell See More

John Phillip Newell

Author, poet, peacemaker and scholar.

Melinda Roper See More

Melinda Roper

Sister and prophet.

Jon Sobrino See More

Jon Sobrino

Catholic priest and theologian.

Elaine Heath See More

Elaine Heath

Theologian, apostolic preacher, teacher, and prophet. 

Joel Mckerrow See More

Joel Mckerrow

Writer, speaker, educator and community arts worker.

James FInley See More

James FInley

Author, therapist, monk and conterpplatve.

Cynthia Bourgeault See More

Cynthia Bourgeault

Mystic, Episcopal priest, writer, and internationally known retreat leader.

Les Carpenter See More

Les Carpenter

Episcopla Priest and improv comedian.

Krista Tippett See More

Krista Tippett

Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and New York Times bestselling author.

projectCURATE See More


Re-imaging theological learning.

Ann Voskamp See More

Ann Voskamp

Wife, mother, author and blogger.

Rick McKinley See More

Rick McKinley

Pastor, husband, dad, and author.

Michael O. Emerson See More

Michael O. Emerson

Author and sociologist.

Danielle Shroyer See More

Danielle Shroyer

Pastor, theologina and author.

Malcolm Guite See More

Malcolm Guite

Poet, priest, and singer-songwriter.

Rachel Held Evans See More

Rachel Held Evans

Author and speaker.

Kathy Escobar See More

Kathy Escobar

Pastor, teacher and author.

Hannah Terry See More

Hannah Terry

Friend, neighbor, prophet, and pastor.

Brian Zahnd See More

Brian Zahnd

Full-time pastor. Occasional author. Would-be mountaineer.

Nish Weiseth See More

Nish Weiseth

Author, storyteller, speaker, and advocate.

Ian Morgan Cron See More

Ian Morgan Cron

Author, speaker, Episcopal priest, psychotherapist, and retreat guide.

David Augsburger See More

David Augsburger

Professor, author, counselero and Mennonite.

Paul Fromberg See More

Paul Fromberg

Rector, preacher, teacher, liturgist and artist.

Sarah Bessey See More

Sarah Bessey

Author and Jesus Feminist.

Sara Miles See More

Sara Miles

Author and Jesus Freak.

Erwin Raphael McManus See More

Erwin Raphael McManus

Artist, entrepreneur, and cultural thought leader.

Mark Labberton See More

Mark Labberton

Pastor, aughtor and Fuller Seminary president.

Juanita Rasmus See More

Juanita Rasmus

Spiritual Director, and contemplative.

Brennan Manning See More

Brennan Manning

Author, speaker, and contemplative.

Charlie Peacock See More

Charlie Peacock

Producer, artitst and songwriter.

Glennon Doyle See More

Glennon Doyle

Mom, wife, sister, author, addict and truth-teller.

Father Zacharie Bukuru See More

Father Zacharie Bukuru

Burundian priest and peace activist.

Father Greg Boyle See More

Father Greg Boyle

Founder, Homeboy Industries.

Dwight Peterson See More

Dwight Peterson

Theologian and teacher.

Shauna Niequist See More

Shauna Niequist

Author & hospitality junkie.

Billy Kenney See More

Billy Kenney

Author and instigator.

NACR See More


The National Association for Christian Recovery cultivates and grows communities of recovery.

Matthew Russell See More

Matthew Russell

Friend and incarnational scholar of love and transformation.

Roy Soto See More

Roy Soto

Pastor, Fraijanes, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Chris Haw See More

Chris Haw

Author, professor, neighbor and creator.

Gungor See More


Prophetic. Music. Goodness.

Zach Joy See More

Zach Joy

Pastor, friend and Jesus follower.

Parish Collective See More

Parish Collective

Kingdom. Neighborhood. Collaborators.

Jenny Flannagan See More

Jenny Flannagan

Kingdom collaborator at Tearfund.

Steve Frost See More

Steve Frost

Artist, professor, curator, hack theologian and shepherd.

Jay Beck See More

Jay Beck

Founding member of The Psalters.

Emmanuel Katongole See More

Emmanuel Katongole

Author and professor, University Of Notre Dame.

John Cobb See More

John Cobb

United Methodist process theologian.

William Barber See More

William Barber

Pastor and president NCAAP, North Carolina State Conference.

William Paul Young See More

William Paul Young

Author and theologian.

Will Willimon See More

Will Willimon

Author and theologian.

Tripp Fuller See More

Tripp Fuller

Author, pastor and Homebrewed Chrtistianity founder.

Trevor Ntlhola See More

Trevor Ntlhola

Pastor, Johannesburg Area, South Africa.

Tony Alonso See More

Tony Alonso

One of the most prominent voices in contemporary liturgical music.

Tom Sine See More

Tom Sine

Author, prophet, and  Mustard Seed Associates founder.

Todd Littleton See More

Todd Littleton

Pastor, writer, consultant and professor.

Todd Hunter See More

Todd Hunter

Author, bishop and founder of Telos.

Thomas Jay Oord See More

Thomas Jay Oord

Theologian. Philosopher. Interesting person.

Timothy Coons See More

Timothy Coons

Real. Worship. Music.

The Brilliance See More

The Brilliance

Music. Liturgy. Beautiful. 

Susan Briehl See More

Susan Briehl

 Author and pastor of the ELCA.

Stephanie Paulsell See More

Stephanie Paulsell

Author and professor, Harvard Divinity School.

Sherry Maddock See More

Sherry Maddock

Mother, neighbor,  and grower.

Scott Alexander See More

Scott Alexander

Professor of Islam and Director, Catholic-Muslim Studies at Chicago Theological Union.

Sarah Jobe See More

Sarah Jobe

Author, pastor, speaker and theologian.

Ruth Padilla Deborst See More

Ruth Padilla Deborst

Author, spreaker and theologian.

Phyllis Tickle See More

Phyllis Tickle

Author of over two dozen books in religion and spirituality.

Philip Clayton See More

Philip Clayton

Philosopher, theologian and "sciency" dude.

Phileena Heuertz See More

Phileena Heuertz

Author, contemplative activist and Gravity founder.

Peter Block See More

Peter Block

Author, consultant and citizen.

Paul Sparks See More

Paul Sparks

 Co-Founder of the Parish Collective. Handsome.

Norman Wirzba See More

Norman Wirzba

Autrhor and Research Professor of Theology, Ecology, and Rural Life at Duke Divinity School.

Monica A Coleman See More

Monica A Coleman

Auhor, professor and elder, African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Miroslav Volf See More

Miroslav Volf

Author and theologian.

Micah Bournes See More

Micah Bournes

 Writer, poet, rapper, and disciple of Christ. 

Melvin Bray See More

Melvin Bray

Itinerant speaker and aspiring author.

Matthew Myer Boulton See More

Matthew Myer Boulton

President of Christian Theological Seminary.

Mary Emily Duba See More

Mary Emily Duba

Student in the Ph.D. program in theology, University of Chicago.

Marlon Hall See More

Marlon Hall

Author, pastor, artist and Kingdom entrepreneur.

Mark Van Steenwyk See More

Mark Van Steenwyk

Author, neighbor, theologian and founder, Mennonite Worker.

Lynn Hybels See More

Lynn Hybels

Activist and founder, Ten For Congo.

Lisa Sharon Harper See More

Lisa Sharon Harper

Speaker, author and Director of Mobilizing at Sojourners.

Keith Ward See More

Keith Ward

Anglican priest, theologian, and philosopher.

Joyce Hollyday See More

Joyce Hollyday

Author and United Church of Christ minister, Asheville, NC.

Jonathan Cronford See More

Jonathan Cronford

Activist and founder of Manna Gum.

John Perkins See More

John Perkins

Author and community organizer.

John Michael Talbot See More

John Michael Talbot

Singer-songwriter-guitarist and monastic community founder.

Jennifer Haworth See More

Jennifer Haworth

Spiritual director and teacher at Loyola University Chicago.

Jay Bakker See More

Jay Bakker

Pastor, author and grace heretic.

Jarrod Saul McKenna See More

Jarrod Saul McKenna

Crazy Jesus activist.

Hugh Hollowell See More

Hugh Hollowell

Mennonite minister, Raleigh, N.C..

Howard Snyder See More

Howard Snyder

Author and professor, Tyndale Seminary, Canada.

Greg Boyd See More

Greg Boyd

Author, pastor, heretic and Jesus lover.

Gabriel Salguero See More

Gabriel Salguero

President of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition.

Evelyn Parker See More

Evelyn Parker

Author and professor, Perkins School of Theology.

Ellen Davis See More

Ellen Davis

Author and Old Testament theologian.

Doug Hicks See More

Doug Hicks

Dean of the faculty of Colgate University.

Dorothy Bass See More

Dorothy Bass

Author and director of the Valparaiso Project.

Don Cowie See More

Don Cowie

Pastor, Mosaic, downtown Vancouver.

Derek Webb See More

Derek Webb

SInger and entrepeneuer.

David Wilcox See More

David Wilcox

Highly-acclaimed singer-songwriter.

Darryl Gardiner See More

Darryl Gardiner

Crazy Anglican Priest

Daniel Spencer See More

Daniel Spencer

Professor, University of Montana

Dale Ryan See More

Dale Ryan

Director, Institute for Recovery Ministry at Fuller Seminary.

Claude Nikondeha See More

Claude Nikondeha

Amahoro Africa Founder

Christine SIne See More

Christine SIne

Author, Liturgist and Curator. 

Bob Rognlien See More

Bob Rognlien

Pastor and Author

Bill Pannell See More

Bill Pannell

Fuller Seminary Professor

Bert Waggoner See More

Bert Waggoner

Retired Director, Vineyard Churches, USA.

Anthony Smith See More

Anthony Smith

Films with the curator of Mission House.

Sally Morgenthaler See More

Sally Morgenthaler

Author, strategist, catalyst and consultant.

Len Sweet See More

Len Sweet

Theologian, church historian, pastor, and author.

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove See More

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Author, speaker and new monastic dude.

Milliwanga Sandy See More

Milliwanga Sandy

Translator of the Indigenous Kreole Bible.

Reggie Kidd See More

Reggie Kidd

Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary.

Tim Conder See More

Tim Conder

Author and pastor of Emmaus Way in Durham, NC.

Diana Butler Bass See More

Diana Butler Bass

Author, speaker and historian.

Aaron Edwards See More

Aaron Edwards

Crazy Baptist bar church pastor.

Stanley Hauerwas See More

Stanley Hauerwas

Author, speaker, professor and theologian.

Gary Best See More

Gary Best

Director of the Association of Vineyard Churches, Canada.

Anthea Butler See More

Anthea Butler

Author and professor.

Viv Grigg See More

Viv Grigg

Author, professor and Kingdom community catalyst.

Leroy Barber See More

Leroy Barber

Author, pastor and Executive Director of The Voices Project.

Marva Dawn See More

Marva Dawn

Internationally renowned theologian, author, and educator.

John Goldingay See More

John Goldingay

Old Testament dude and professor at Fuller Seminary.

Page CXVI See More


Making hymns accessible and known again.

Richard Twiss See More

Richard Twiss

Friend and Prophet.

Craig Detweiler See More

Craig Detweiler

Theologian, Professor & filmmaker.

Fuzz Kitto See More

Fuzz Kitto

Preacher, speaker and trainer...and chef.

Peter Rollins See More

Peter Rollins

Philosopher, theologian, writer, lecturer and storyteller.

Aaron Strumpel See More

Aaron Strumpel

Films featuring this Renaissance man.

Tom and Dee Yaccino See More

Tom and Dee Yaccino

Kingdom community curators.

Restoration Village Arts See More

Restoration Village Arts

Faith and arts community.

Martyn Joseph See More

Martyn Joseph

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter.

Rene Padilla See More

Rene Padilla

Preeminent Latin American theologian.

Clint Kemp See More

Clint Kemp

Friend and Kingdom Entrepreneur.

Robert Guerrero See More

Robert Guerrero

Pastor and church planter, New York City.

Michael Frost See More

Michael Frost

Internationally recognized Australian missiologist.

Brian McLaren See More

Brian McLaren

Author, speaker, activist, and public theologian. 

Darrell Johnson See More

Darrell Johnson

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Vancouver 

Andy Harrington See More

Andy Harrington

Films with the CEO of Wellspring.

Kelly Ann Hall See More

Kelly Ann Hall

Author, editor and poet.

Ron Lewis See More

Ron Lewis

Artist and pastor from Alabama.

Chris Seay See More

Chris Seay

Films with friend and pastor Chris Seay.

Ron Hammer See More

Ron Hammer

Professor and pastoral counselor.

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