Terms of Use Using TWOTP films


You are welcome to present films in virtually any kind of setting: church services, lectures, conferences, bible studies, book clubs, schools, universities, rodeos, or dinner parties. In person or online (see online restrictions below).

Sharing Links and Streaming Films:

To share a video link in an email or a newsletter, etc., subscribers can upload a film to a private platform like Dropbox for your communities to access or even upload the video to Vimeo and use the password option to pass out the link to folks in your community. If your organization has it's own intranet or closed group or teaching platform, those serve the best. Do not upload the actual file directly to YouTube, Facebook, or a non-password protected public platform. Our usage agreement does not allow for uploading the individual TWOTP film file to social media platforms. (With approval, film can be edited into a service and uploaded to social media platforms. More on that below). In addition, if you break the usage agreement and upload an individual film to Facebook or YouTube, you may receive an email from the music publisher or artist collecting a violation fee :(

To stream videos to communities, we recommend uploading a TWOTP film to Dropbox and present to/through the platform/application Zoom. The two apps seem to integrate nicely. Instructions to stream content from Dropbox to Zoom can be found HERE.

TWOTP subscribers are welcome to edit a TWOTP video into a service or presentation to stream or upload to  YouTube or Facebook (with exceptions, see below). But again, please do not upload the actual TWOTP individual video file directly to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms. 


A handful of our films have music licenses that DO NOT allow for streaming/uploading to Facebook or Youtube, or other social media platforms. If you stream these films, you may get a warning prompt that may keep your program from playing. You may also receive an email from the music publisher or artist collecting a violation fee. Again, there are only a handful of films with these limited licenses out of the 3,000 plus on the site, and we are working to upgrade these licenses or edit in new music. In the meantime, if you are considering including a TWOTP piece in a service/presentation that you want to stream or upload to a social network platform, email Travis at travis@twotp.com and include the title of the film you are wanting to stream/upload. Travis can let you know if that particular film may be an issue. Sorry for the hassles, we'll get this dialed in soon. It's a work in progress like the rest of life :)


I am finding out from folks that even if you you have a license it’s possible to still get a Facebook/Youtube warning and the hassles that come along with that warning. I've heard from a musician who actually got a warning from her own song. So it’s not full proof because of the Facebook/YouTube algorithms, etc. In the long run it looks like it’s making sense to consider purchasing a plan to a live streaming platform which alleviates some of the hassles that come along with the free services like Facebook and Youtube. And these services actually give you the ability through their platforms to stream/upload to YouTube and Facebook by bypassing the technology that activates licensing prompts. (So they say). 

If you have other questions about usage, just email us at travis@twotp.com.

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