Terms of Use Using TWOTP films


// TWOTP Video License // The Work of the People video license is included with active GROUP subscriptions and allows for presenting films in virtually any group setting - whether in person or online - such as church services, conferences, small groups, schools, universities, across institutions, dinner parties, and of course rodeos. 

The video license is not included in the PERSONAL subscription tier. Streaming films to groups is prohibited for PERSONAL subscribers and is for personal viewing only :)

// Streaming Services/Programs Live to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Etc // If you are streaming your service, meeting, or presentation to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, etc., and you have a video license through an active TWOTP GROUP subscription, you may include most TWOTP videos in your services/programs broadcasted live to social media platforms...with just a few caveats. Read on :)

A few (hardly any) films in the library are NOT APPROVED for social media due to music license restrictions. Films that are restricted from social media platforms have this notice in the film description, "NOT STREAMABLE FOR YOUTUBE OR OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS."

WE RECOMMEND test streaming videos to your social media platforms before broadcasting to confirm there are no music licensing issues. The licensing algorithms on the platforms aren't flawless and it's possible to encounter a "licensing hiccup" (my tech language) even with a music license. However, often when music from a video is flagged, it's just a notice stating that you cannot monetize the video. In that case there would be no restrictions on streaming the video and no need to contact the platform with license information. In the event a video is flagged and restricts viewing for some reason, you would need to inform the platform you have a music license through The Work of the People. All should be well, but I'd hate for there to be a "flawed glitch" that effected the presentation of a live service. (Yikes!) That's why we recommend , just to be sure, adding social media stream testing to your process :)

// Uploading/Archiving Recorded Live Services/Programs // If you have an ACTIVE GROUP subscription you may upload/post your service/program that includes a TWOTP video to whatever platform you use to post/archive your services and programs for your communities to watch on demand at a later date. If posting to a social media site, as we stated in the previous section, we recommend testing the video to confrim there are no audio licensing glitches with the platform. 

// Uploading individual Videos to Social Media Platforms // Individual videos CANNOT BE UPLOADED by themselves to any social media platforms, e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Videos can only be edited and included into your service or presentation and then uploaded to another platform. See above for more info on streaming/uploading programs. If you want to share a video with your community or to social media we built the Stream Share feature for that purpose.

// How to Share Videos with Others Online - STREAM SHARE // Stream Share is our feature that allows you to share our films online anywhere with anyone. Stream Share film links are activated and scheduled for a set period of time. Viewers simply enter their email to watch the film or film series you share. There is also a discussion feature that allows you to curate online conversations around topics in the films. Learn more about Stream Share HERE.

// MONETIZING TWOTP FILMS // TWOTP videos cannot be included in any programing that is monetized. Email info@theworkofthepeople.com to inquire about licensing  TWOTP content for special projects.

If you have other questions about usage, just email us at info@theworkofthepeople.com.

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