Recovery and Spirituality

We are all in bondage to...something. Some addictions are more visible, but all of us oppressed (and for that matter, oppressors). We all have a tendency to forget that there is a God - and we are not God. We end up with broken relationships, loss of communion with our true, In-Christ selves, you name it - we end up with troubles related to our forgetfulness. Those who have had very visible afflictions are given the gift of desperation. And it is a beautiful by-product of desperation, as we seek to recover our faith, that we've re-discovered some ancient, traditional spiritual practices. These spiritual practices align with the work of recovery and the work of faith. In these 9 films we captured the experience, strength, and hope of our friends who are using these practices: silence, empathy, compassion, living transparently, waking up, surrender, powerlessness, deep listening, and service. This is their gift to the listener - out of the rubble of a life in bondage, resurrection gardens grow.

The 9 session films series with Matthew Russell,  Teresa McBealDale Ryan and Friends includes an accompanying discussion guide. 


  1. Powerlessness
  2. Surrender
  3. Waking Up
  4. Living Transparently
  5. Compassion
  6. Empathy
  7. Service
  8. Silence
  9. Deep Listening

The Work of the People

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