Have we lost our ability to tell the truth in our communities of faith? Have we lost the art of testimony? Is it to messiness not "efficient enough" to create safe and vulnerable places to tell our stories? The practice of living transparently is a requirement for our spiritual journeys and to free us from spending the bulk of our time in communities burdened down by shame. 

Questions for reflection

  1. What would be the opposite of living transparently?
  2. So if transparent living isn't THAT, what would it look like?
  3. What things make it possible to create a safe place for openness and transparency?
  4. What about boundaries and appropriate social norms? Are there any limitations or warnings about transparent living from your experience?
  5. What are the gifts that come from living transparently?
  6. What are the risks of living transparently? 
  7. What are the losses of living guarded and defensive lives?
  8. What experiences have you had of being with someone who is open and transparent?
  9. Think of a time when you were transparent but knew that you were loved and accepted by those listening to you. How has this experience changed you?

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