Powerlessness is not a weakness, it's the wound the sets the journey into motion. There is a power that is benevolent and on your side. God longs to nurture you. Get ready to come to the end of your own resources. God is not holding your over a fire like a spider. God is your Father watching and waiting for the first sign of your return...Waiting with a ring, robe...and a party. 

Questions For Reflection

  1. Can you think of a time when you felt utterly powerless?  Describe your experience.
  2. What gifts have you experienced as a result of acknowledging your powerlessness?
  3. What barriers keep us from admitting our powerlessness?
  4. In your experience with the scriptures, have you found anything within the text that relates to your personal experience with powerlessness?  How did reading that passage affect you?
  5. What experiences have you had of God’s power being a power that restores, a power that heals--the power of love and grace?
  6. Where are you currently with your powerlessness? 

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