Faith communities have a rich history with contemplation and silence is the headwater of the practices. One of the gifts of silence is the clarity it brings to the constant chatter in our minds and the chorus of unhelpful inner voices. Silence allows the Spirit to help us replace the voices that shame and discourage us with the Voice of love and grace.

The prayer of silence is time alone with God in which we open our hearts and minds to God, rest in God’s love for us and seek God’s loving will for our lives. It is a time to listen, to rest in God, to return to the Source of our life.

Questions for reflection

  1. How do you typically experience “moments of silence”?  
  2. What about silence and the inward-looking which silence makes possible is frightening for you?
  3. What has helped you to sit in silence with God?  
  4. What gifts have you experienced in times of silence?
  5. What might be the relationship between silence and intimacy with God and self.
  6. How does practicing silence in a group differ than practicing silence alone?

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