Compassion its the result of living surrendered and free and being connected to God. Compassion is the practice of living undefended and living loved. Compassion helps us remind us who we are - That we are beautiful and that we are loved.

Questions for reflection

  1. What does compassion mean to you?
  2. What might make us able to “enter into someone else’s pain”?
  3. Can you think of a time when you either received or gave the gift of compassionate care to another person?
  4. What gifts can come out of compassion, for both parties involved?
  5. What does it mean to you to have an undefended heart?
  6. Do you ever experience any resistance to receiving (or giving) compassion?
  7. How have experiences of being loved changed how you see other people?
  8. How might you practice compassion with yourself?  How is this practice of compassion connected to the way you relate to others in your life?
  9. We hear a lot about God as love. How do you experience God? What would you imagine relationship with a compassionate God would be like?

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