Often our listening is at the surface of things - we hear what we want to hear. This practice of deep listening is what allows us to become aware of the patterns and shadows of our life. Deep listening is a disciplined mind and attentive. Deep listening is seeing that our emotions and our thoughts are not who we are. Deep listening leads to a liberated spirit.

Questions for reflection

  1. What does deep listening mean to you?
  2. Have you ever had an experience where you felt as if God or another person listened to you in a way that seemed extraordinary? Describe it. What do you attribute your feelings of being heard to?
  3. What barriers do you sense when you try to listen deeply to another person? What helps you to move past those barriers?
  4. Think of a time when you listened deeply to God speaking to you. What helped you to listen? What barriers to deep listening did you experience? 
  5. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to listen to God, but has more experience with talking to Him, or maybe even feeling as if God isn't available?
  6. Do you have any concerns or reticence about considering deep listening as a spiritual practice? What are they?

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