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Opening: A Season of Beginning

Includes 5 films

Opening: A Season of Beginning

Who are you? How do you know? Where does our learned behavior end, and where do our authentic choices begin? We invite you to take what you've been carrying around and set it down for just a second. Can you become curious about what irritates you? Interested in what you've created boundaries to protect yourself from? Can you become open to living a life that is guided by what you were designed to be, instead of what you've learned to avoid?

This five-film contemplative series experience is designed for you to breathe, reflect, and sense with your entire being the abundant joy and love that Divine Presence calls forth. As we breathe, rest in stillness, engage silence and consent to solitude, it is our prayer that we open to who we truly have been created to be, what we can truly enjoy. 

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SESSION 1 // Open Up to Me
SESSION 2 // The Examen
SESSION 3 // Migratory God
SESSION 4 // There I AM
SESSION 5 // At the Table

Included Films

At the Table
Migratory God
Open Unto Me
The Examen
there I AM

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