Migratory God, written and read by Phuc Luu.

Migratory God  
who uprooted Abraham
and led him into a foreign land
provide rest for your people
the stranger and alien
the refugee and wanderer 
the one seeking sanctuary
settling in an unfamiliar place

Migratory God 
who travels great distances
to become human
and live among us
dwelling in us
help us see that we all are restless
searching and seeking
finding that place of being and belonging
to lay our heads 
as you who had no place
except with your people

Migratory God
who has crossed borders and boundaries
to be born a stranger
fleeing from country to country
feet moving for miles, over desert and dry places
into the Jordan River
where you cross from one land to the other
in the waters of baptism    
where you wash off 
ties to nation and citizen  
so we might enter into a new
kingdom and country  

Migratory God
who accompanies us in our journey
remind us of where we’ve been
from where we’ve come
so we might not forget
that we all traversed great distances
to find the place that our hearts seek to settle
that place all of us call home

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