A Benediction

Welcome to the heart of God.
Breathe deep, beloved,
I am bringing everyone in.

There is nothing to be afraid of, 
this is your birthplace.

There are no requirements unmet, 
this is your birthright.

No one is refused,
come in, 
let down, 
there is more than enough room.

Join Me, in the deep
refreshing, endless, eternal. 
Wade in and be refreshed!
Let your mind untangle,
Let your body rest
Let your spirit be at ease—

I AM this moment.

And, by waves of love I will reset your cadence.
By my current, get you back on course

My touchable representations on earth,
I will birth you again
My sons, and
My daughters,
soaked in My love.

And bless you, beloved,
to stand and emerge, 
still dripping of the heart of God
as one fluid hope-restored movement
to alter the environment for the better
everywhere you go.

Because everywhere
you will go,


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