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Covenantal Restoration

Includes 12 films

Covenantal Restoration: A 12 session film series on faith and race

Racism and oppression have a long and painful past and present, it is an open, aching human wound that reflects a fracture in our relationship with God. Understanding how it was promoted and is still alive and acting out in the construct of our beliefs and systems and structures is the beginning of caring for this wound.

In this series on faith and race we pray God would bring you hope, renew your mind, enliven your spirit, and gift you with the virtues of the Divine’s own heart. May God strengthen your stand, inspire your movement towards God’s dream for humanity, and increase Kingdom square footage with each step you make in Love.  

It may be worth your time to create a sacred time, space, or group to do and receive this work. You could use this study for personal reflection or in a small group setting. You can also use the films as a lectio divina practice, listening for a word or phrase that strikes you, and using that word or phrase in your prayer/ meditation life. 

The curriculum, written by Kelly Ann Hall, includes 12 sessions with an accompanying discussion guide. 

Session Titles and Films

  • SESSION ONE// A Beloved Community with Rene August
  • SESSION TWO // Restoration of Relationship with Reggie Williams
  • SESSION THREE // The Idol of Whiteness with Jim Wallis 
  • SESSION FOUR // Stone Catches with Bryan Stevenson 
  • SESSION FIVE // Holy Mischief with Simone Campbell
  • SESSION SIX // Politics of Radical Difference with Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
  • SESSION SEVEN // Refusing to be Enemies with Amal Nassar 
  • SESSION EIGHT // Covenantal Restoration with Terry LeBlanc 
  • SESSION NINE // Created for Abundant Life with Llewellyn MacMaster
  • SESSION TEN // A Fuller Picture of God with Michael A. Mata 
  • SESSION ELEVEN // Pulling All Things Together in Love with James Forbes 
  • SESSION TWELVE // Bring Your Fullness with Rashad Robinson

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