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Becoming: A Season for Rebirthing

Includes 5 films

Becoming: A Five Session Reflection Series

To know and be known is a basic human desire. We invite you inward to ask the questions that live deep within: Who am I, God?, Who are you, God?, and Who are we, God?

Each film in this bundle was created with space for breath and with words and images meant to be taken through the eye into the heart (even the reflections are intentionally short for your own discovery). We hope these films will befriend and accompany you as a guide toward a greater knowing of self, humanity, God, and the blessing of Christ through the contemplative practice of visio divina and centering prayer.

This visual experience was created in friendship with singer-songwriter and teacher Shellee Layne Coley (with poems from Kelly Ann Hall) . Coley’s songs don’t wrestle with the death-times of life, but instead embraces darkness as a teacher on the path towards God’s wholeness dream. 

We hope these expressions of our human experience bring you company in your onward search toward Love, Grace, Truth, and God within you so you can carry those ingredients into the world. The films are ordered so that each week the theme builds upon the last.

The series includes 5 sessions with discussion guide.


SESSION 1 // The Knowing
SESSION 2 // Wait for It
SESSION 3 // Story Like This
SESSION 4 // Only Just Begun
SESSION 5 // Mourning by Morning

Included Films

The Knowing
Wait for It

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