The Knowing

featuringShellee Layne Coley

Willingness to get honest, letting go of certainty and shedding...Music by Shellee Layne Coley and poem by Kelly Ann Hall.

Bless us O, God,
with enough of You
to bring us out of hiding
undressed of untruths,
thin as leaves,
and bare our souls
to be known.

Even as nerves are unwrapped
and anxieties unbandaged
even with our instinctual desire to cloak,
to tailor a way out of exposure
and cheat our way out of certain death,
We come out to You not because it’s easy… 
because hiding is futile.
Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing unseen—
there is not one thing that exists outside of Your vision.

So, we give You our willingness to recover,
to become transparent and teachable,
to be redesigned and redressed.

To our greatest ability, God,
we bring ourselves to You,
hoping you will take us as we are.

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