Mourning by Morning

featuringShellee Layne Coley

Willingness to be forgiven, to be brought breath, to live...Music by Shelle Layne Coley and poem by Kelly Ann Hall.

I AM walking through the valley of death, beloved,
opening graves, piecing together sets of dry bones,
speaking them to Life.


Soon you will see, I have restored us, 
reclaimed you from your suffrage and sorrow
and made you whole again.

Hope, once long lost, is here again.

I am setting you upright, 
placing My presence deep within,
reassuring once-hollowed legs
they are good to stand, and well to walk.

My humans, along with My divine presence, 
know I gift you your humanity—Life itself! 
Accept and take your life, use it well.
Use it for the common good, 
for the love of other.

Until you are unearthed completely,
and we are wholly one, 
never stop becoming, My Loves.

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