Story Like This

featuringShellee Layne Coley

Willingness to be human, to be water embodied in earth, woman at the well/owning who we are...Music by Shellee Layne Coley and poem by Kelly Ann Hall.

God, we become disillusioned, disconnected,
storming through days that often add up to a loss,
dark nights of the soul that leave us withered and wanting,
searching for water on hollow legs.

And, that no matter how bad we’d like to escape,
I doubt You lose anyone. 
To You we are not merely humans—
broken vessels, cracked pots
straining to hold one sip of Life—
but Your beloved hand work,
shaped to be filled, 
to draw upon Your heart and walk.

You pulled a fountain out of rock,
so surely You can bring goodness from dust!
Bless us to channel Love even through hardness
To let Your water carve its way through us,
like river brings Life through canyon,
and saturate us through and through!

When we can’t feel our way to You,
make Your way through us.
Help us receive Your outpouring of Love.

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