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Marching from Pain to Possibility

Includes 5 films

Pain proposes perplexing questions: What is the meaning of pain? How can I survive it? What do I do with it? However, Lent offers a way of grappling with the unintelligibility of pain; it invites us to look at our lives and our deepest longings for healing, restoration, and fulfillment. 

These films are invitations to enter into a journey of making sense of our deepest desires that comes from pain and woundedness. The curriculum that follows each film offers ways to reflect and find that place of pain, and at the same time, that place of wholeness and healing. Practices will be suggested as invitations to examine both our wounds and the wounds of others and see how we might bring peace and healing. The desert is a place void of easy fixes, but it can also be where we find who we truly are.

The curriculum, written by Phuc Luu, includes 5 sessions with an accompanying discussion guide. 


  • SESSION ONE // Surrendering to Pain - “Infinitely Trustworthy” film with James Finely
  • SESSION TWO // Giving Voice to Pain - “Pain and Marching” film with Peter Block and Walter Brueggemann
  • SESSION THREE // Unmasking the Scapegoat - “Subversion from Within” film with James Alison
  • SESSION FOUR // The Possibility of Wounds - “Pain to Possibility” film with Marlon Hall
  • SESSION FIVE // Sitting with the Wounded - “Healing Justice” film Faith Matters Network’s Jennifer Bailey, Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, and Micky ScottBey Jones

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