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Guided by Grace, Light & Love

Includes 12 films

Guided by Grace, Light & Love: Opening up to Ourselves

Grace, Love, and Light. Although these three nouns come with great hope and promise, they can be hard to believe. I don’t think it is for a lack of trying to believe what has been taught about Grace, Love, and Light...we can’t just drop that knowledge into our brains and expect that we will “get” it. Experience is the teacher that informs us of their intrinsic truth. Experiencing Grace, Love, and Light provides a knowing that deepens and gives the right structure for honest belief. Problematically, experiencing these nouns as a verb, as God-in-motion, can’t be mimicked, produced, or shopped. But thankfully, they show up time and again over a lifespan—yes, God’s Grace, Love, and Light are continually looking for a place to express themselves within, through, and among us. 

It is the hope of TWOTP that the Grace, Love, and Light discussed in this film series (with Brennan Manning, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Sara Bessey, Paul Young and others) and curriculum will serve as a guide for you, speak into whatever you are experiencing in life. Grace, Love, and Light are present and active in the world and available for personal and communal transformation. I hope you have many discoveries that are healing and propel you forward.

It may be worth your time to create a sacred time, space, or group to do and receive this work. You could use this study for personal reflection or in a small group setting. You can also use the films as a lectio divina practice, listening for a word or phrase that strikes you, and using that word or phrase in your prayer/ meditation life. 

The curriculum, written by Kelly Ann Hall,  includes 12 sessions with an accompanying discussion guide. 


  • SESSION ONE// The Massive Living Program with Juanita Rasmus
  • SESSION TWO // The Reciprocity of Love with James Finley
  • SESSION THREE // Love Inventors with Maggy Barankise
  • SESSION FOUR // All is Grace with Brennon Manning
  • SESSION FIVE // Enjoying God’s Pleasures with Richard Twiss
  • SESSION SIX // Live Loved with Sara Bessey
  • SESSION SEVEN // Behold What You Are with Paul Fromberg
  • SESSION EIGHT // God Light with John Phillip Newell
  • SESSION NINE // Eucharistic Love with Cynthia Bourgault
  • SESSION TEN // Love-Pusher with Rudy Rasmus
  • SESSION ELEVEN // Loved Back to Life with Nadia Bolz-Weber
  • SESSION TWELVE // Grace for One Day with Wm. Paul Young

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