Timothy Coons

In the Chapters of Wonder (hazy first memories, playground friends) Tim Coons was fed on Kansas sunsets and Kansas pacing. In 1st grade he found an amazing object in his aunt’s house with black and white wooden fingers that made the most incredible sounds. Back home his parents didn’t own any kind of music player (records, tapes) so this was a first encounter. Knowing nothing of what to do, he just started pushing those piano keys to see what kind of sounds he could organize. First love.

In the Chapters of Self-Realizing (Biology class, a Honda Civic, defining “best-friend”) Tim loved being a part of a big school in the small town of Hutchinson. He holed himself up in the basement of his house with a borrowed guitar, learning 9th grade chords to impress 11th grade girls. In love with G, C, D, em.

In the Chapters of Potential and Dreams (speaking adult-talk, learning musical language, I’m-in-a-promising-local-band) Tim attended the University of Northern Colorado. Leaving his Kansas home of organ-breathed hymns and High School choirs, he found a most appropriate place and stage leading his friends in songs at a campus ministry group. He mingled with and guided musicians, stretching those great sound canvasses. In love with God.

In these Chapters of Reality (full of wonder, self-reflection, and dreams realized) Tim Coons has married the most beautiful Betony Trillium and has met his most gorgeous daughter, Lucy. His place and stage is still to make songs for people meant for heart-opening encounters. So in love with God, family, music, and life.

Timothy Coons

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