Scott Alexander

Dr. Scott Alexander is Associate Professor of Islam and Director, Catholic-Muslim Studies at Chicago Theological Union.

Dr. Alexander holds degrees from Harvard and Columbia Universities. He is dedicated to the study of Islam in the context of his broader training as an historian of religions.

His teaching and research interests include medieval Muslim sectarianism, the mystical traditions of Muslim spirituality, Quranic studies, and the history and future of Muslim-Christian relations, and interfaith dialogue.

On Our Way


Conversations and Practices for Living a Whole Life

Interreligous Dialogue


Should we collaborate and share life with folks of other faiths?

Hospitality In A Multifaith World


What does hospitality, evangelism and witness look like when encountering folks in a multifaith world?

Mutual Transformation


Who is transformed in an interfaith encounter?

Holy Envy


Can become a better Christian from honest encounters with Muslims?

Knowing And Loving Our Neigbors Of Other Faiths


Scott Alexander, Director of Catholic-Muslim Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, reflects on interreligious dialogue as the practice of following Christ across religious and cultural boundaries.

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