Quick blurb from NT Wright on Hell and Rob Bell.


  1. “Why are Americans are so fixated on hell?” asks Bishop Wright and he finds this disturbing given the affluence and wealth of America. His point is that even though we might live lives of prosperity, relative to the rest of the world, we are still concerned with the eternal damnation of others. Why is this question important for many American Christians? What makes the question of “who will go to hell,” an unimportant question?
  2. Wright talks about not being a “universalist,” i.e. the belief that all people will be saved by God regardless of their beliefs. However, Wright mentions a book by Pastor Rob Bell in which Bell paints a picture of a loving and caring God. Wright says “and if you paint a picture of God which is other than that, then you are producing a monster and this has a long lasting affects in Christian lives and in the church.” How can the church portray God in a way that is both biblical and consistent to Christian witness through the centuries? How is a picture of a monstrous God detrimental to the world and the church?

1. Wright mentions his book, Surprised by Hope, (Harper One, 2008) and alluded to Rob Bell’s Love Wins (HarperOne, 2011), both on the topics of heaven and hell.

Questions written by Phuc Luu.

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