"The Eucharist is sacrifice in reverse." James Alison on the "scapegoat mechanism," and Jesus' subversive, Eucharitical reversal.

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Be The Mystery

Explore our films with spiritual teacher, activist, scholar, and mystic Barbara A. Holmes. Also consider Barbara's revised version of her foundational offering, Liberation and the Cosmos: Conversations with the Elders, releasing this month. You are created in God's image, be the mystery.

Author Brené Brown on why the church should be more like a midwife than an epidural.

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Featured Film SeriesCreating Bigger Stories

A film series with Rev. René August on how the love of the Divine can be made present through storytelling, understanding power and seeking justice. 

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featured film journey Learning to Be with Juanita Rasmus

Journey though these seven films and discernment prompts with our dear friend Juanita Rasmus as she shares her transformative story from hitting rock bottom in her life and ministry to becoming open enough to receive and be loved into a new way of being - from a human DOing to a human BEing.

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Science and Theology with Kieth Ward

Keith Ward on God, relationship, space & time, and realizing communities of love and beauty that enjoy God.

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Keith Ward why on a cosmic Christian view is reasonable - the evolution from valueless to valueful.

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