Would God have come for us even if we didn't sin? Will Willimon on how much God is for us.

Questions For Reflection

  1. To the question, “What did Jesus do on the cross that we could not do for ourselves?, ” Willimon responds that “we are a culture of do it yourself-ers.” He says that much preaching that he hears “commends do it yourself.” How is a “do it yourself” mentality detrimental? 
  2. Willimon says that the cross shows us two things: 1) who we really are as people who crucify our saviors and 2) that God got down to our level. How might we be reminded of this profound reality each day?
  3. Willimon uses the Medieval, Scottish Theologian, Duns Scotus to show God’s “determination to come for us” even if we did not sin. How does God show that God is for us? What are some examples we can give?
  4. Willimon says that when he hears the word, “election,” he is drawn to think “that from the foundation of the world, God elected to be for us.” “Who is us?” is asked and Willimon responds, “Us is the whole bubbling the human race and maybe the human race through the ages.” What does this view of salvation show about God? 
  5. “Salvation is putting right what is wrong between he and us.” For Willimon this is not a one-time experience but a daily encounter with God, picking up one’s cross daily. How do we experience the daily work of God’s salvation?

Questions written by Phuc Luu.

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