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On Our Way

Includes 13 films

What makes a good life? Wrestling with questions about how to live your life is part of being human. These films were created in accompaniment to the book project On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life. The authors are passionate about practicing their faith in the real world, for the good of all, and in response to God’s presence. They invite you to join them in exploring a way of life that is rooted in Christian wisdom while also moving toward the future, a way of life overflowing with God’s justice, mercy, and love. 
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Session titles and films
  1. An Invitation w/Dorothy C. Bass
  2. Study w/Matthew Myer Boulton
  3. Discerning God’s Call w/Jennifer Grant Haworth
  4. Living as Community w/Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
  5. Friendship and Intimacy w/Stephanie Paulsell Singing our Lives to God w/Tony Alonso
  6. Care for Creation w/Daniel Spencer
  7. Making a Good Living w/Douglas A. Hicks
  8. Honoring the Body w/Evelyn Parker
  9. Knowing and Loving Our Neighbors of Other Faiths w/Scott Alexander
  10. Peacemaking and Nonviolence w/ Mary Emily Briehl Duba
  11. Doing Justice w/Joyce Hollyday
  12. Living in the Presence of God w/Susan Briehl

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