Motivated By Love

Motivated By Love

Includes 8 films

Motivated By Love is a four-film Good Friday experience with four films, four loops, and accompanying confession/prayers. Begin each pieces/movements with a gospel reading, followed by a prayer. Also consider having canvases and paper available on the perimeter of the room for people to write/draw their sin and paste it on the canvas as a confession. The flow of the service should be: video, corresponding liturgy, and a song 4x. 

** EDITING NOTE // MUSIC NOT INCLUDED ** The pieces were edited to 2 songs from Johnny Cash and 2 songs from the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's, but the downloads DO NOT include the songs. We weren't able to acquire publishing rights, so just purchase the individual songs (links provided in video descriptions) and edit the tune into the video or just play from your audio source as video runs.

The resource includes:

  • 4 films
  • 4 loops
  • Guide with confessions and service flow recommendations.

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