Exploring the Sacraments

Exploring the Sacraments

Includes 7 films

This curriculum gives an alternative way of approaching the sacraments. In these videos and in her book Searching for Sunday, Rachel Held Evans uses the sacraments as a way of talking about her own faith journey. Rather than explaining them, she relates to them and talks about her life through the lens of these ancient Christian practices. This curriculum is designed primarily for small groups who want to follow her lead. The videos allow both those who have and have not read her book to have a shared experience through her eyes.The questions prompt participants to engage with their own experiences of both life and sacrament to see—as Rachel has come to believe—how they intersect. The reflections added by our friend Les Carpenter at the end of every unit show an additional perspective to marry the view from the pew with the view from behind the altar and to make sure every participant has something to take away from the experiences. In this bundle you will find resources exploring the sacraments in general, baptism, confession, communion, confirmation, and the anointing of the sick.

The curriculum includes 7 films with accompanying discussion guide.

Purchase Rachel's book Searching for Sunday.


  1. EXPLORING RACHEL HELD EVANS // "Encountering Christ” video
  2. EXPLORING BAPTISM // "Named Beloved” video
  3. EXPLORING CONFESSION // "Shared Brokenness” video
  4. EXPLORING COMMUNION // "Ready to Receive” video
  5. EXPLORING CONFIRMATION // "Recognizing the Story” video
  6. EXPLORING ANOINTING THE SICK // "Walking Through Pain” video
  7. BONUS VIDEO // "Death & Resurrection” video

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