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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Includes 12 films

These films with music and lyrics by The Brilliance, contain rich imagery of the paradox of life and death, beauty and fragmentation. They are the outer world’s symbology of what our inner world terrain often looks like. While we acknowledge that this includes apparent broken and befallen-ness, we also want to say that all of this exists in the encompassment of God’s wholeness. 

These films are a beautiful component to create a space of presence for a circle, church, or one’s self before, during, or after exploring the depths of the season.

The series includes 6 sessions for each week of Lent starting with Ash Wednesday, accompanying loops, and a guide written by Kelly Ann Hall for groups or individual contemplation. 


  1. Session One // Ash Wednesday - Dust We Are and Shall Return
  2. Session Two // Lent One - Now and at the Hour of our Death
  3. Session Three // Lent Two - Dayspring of Life
  4. Session Four // Lent Three - Does Your Heart Break
  5. Session Five // Lent Four - Holy Communion
  6. Session Six // Lent Five - Have You Forsaken Me?

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