Kelly Ann Hall

Kelly Hall is an author, editor and poet. Her poetry, editorial and translation work appear in The Last Eyewitness, The Voice from on High, The Voice of Romans, The Voice New Testament, The Voice of Psalms, and The Voice Bible. Kelly has also been privileged to have her poetry used in videos with The Work of the People. Kelly strives to prioritize loving God, her husband and her three children, balancing writing and artistic expression with all the quests of mommy-dom.

Opening: A Season of Beginning


A Table benediction.

He Is RIsen


He Is Risen! An Easter benediction by Kelly Ann Hall.

Realigned Again


Lord take it all! A revelation, poem and prayer by Kelly Hall.

The Hope Of Rebirth


Artist Kelly Hall on being attracted to the source of light.

A Season That Forms


Artist Kelly Hall on the transforming season of Advent.

Daily Bread


A benediction from John 6.

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