A Death to Awaken

featuringKelly Ann Hall

A Death to Awaken, written by Kelly Stewart Hall, and Inspired by John of the Cross' Dark Night of the Soul.

A Death to Awaken

It was Love that drew me into a total eclipse;
a dark born to heal me—a death to awaken me.
—O, the grace of Love!—
I cannot say how I went,
but I left who I thought I was lying content.

Secure in the unknown, I chose, alone,
to go deeper into my disguise,
—O, the grace of Love!—
into the dark where things go to hide
all while my dying body lie.

On that miraculous night,
I traversed unseen, blind to all things
with no light, no guide
except for the passion of my heart burning inside…

And, its shine did surely lead me, more than any man-made divinity,
to the presence of the No-thing, the Am, the All
—my first familiarity, the Always Been—
and all else I ever was, all I ever knew, would fall.

Oh enlightening emptiness!
A void that brings greater life than possessions.|
A nothing that brings oneness;
and enjoins God and what God loves,
and transforms the beloved into the Lover.

Love flowers from my heart
which I keep for God and God alone
where Christ resides inside, sleeping—where I hold No-thing and All
and all I thought, like wind, went breezing by.

I am blown apart! Seen through..
I touched Love, and Love in all its gentility
ended me.
Whatever was left of me, gone—
fully expressed into all that is.

And, there I remained, suspended in the vast
My identity laid unto the Beloved,
with nothing left to cling to, but us,
I abandoned my past
leaving all my old worries and ways in the dust.

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