Inspired by Luke 7:36-8:3 and Written by Kelly Ann Hall.  A benediction of love and grace. Your faith has saved you; go in peace.

You are forgiven…

who are raised with privilege,
never allowed to fail, 
abusing the law while stepping upon others,
raping the unconscious
and leading them to believe
it was what they wanted all along.

who’ve been making your own way
working hard, through all the wrong places.
Who’s shortcomings have gone public,
been used against you,
and led you to detach,
shut down.

You who withhold and hide,
You who roll over and play dead,
You who yell and raise fists,
You who rather not make waves…

Perhaps you are awakening to your humanity after all.
To the idea that one greater would expose himself
with great Love and affection
and an ever-widening circle of grace 
welcoming you to Me.

Come—even at your worst!—
tears pattering the ground, 
a steady, deliberate percussive procession,
and reach for Me. 

Even as you stand before the eyes of those who unjustly condemn…
I will receive you, I will reunite you to Origin through Me
Love responding to Love responding to Love—
an against-all-odds, right-fitted, all-for-one Love!

Your faith has liberated you, 
and My faith has restored you. 
You are forgiven,
Go in peace.

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