Wounded Indian

featuringRichard Twiss

Richard Twiss on invading England :)


  1. Twiss talks about how early missions can be often described as “ethnocentric.” He says that if the conquest of England occurred then they “would be wearing buckskin and feathers today” and Twiss wonders if Native Americans would have done the same thing to another group. How does it further reconciliation to realize our potential to do awful and sinful things to others?
  2. Not to justify all the wrong doings done by a dominant culture, Twiss says that one could often function out of the position of wounded-ness and anger. However, unless we can see how we have the potential to also commit those some crimes against others, then we do not have hope for reconciliation.  What are some of the ways in which we can blame others for the situations in which we find ourselves? How might this be more detrimental to us than to the one who harmed us?
  3. Even though reconciliation is not the same was renewal of friendship, how might letting go of the position of victim lead to wholeness?

Questions written by Phuc Luu.

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