We will be waiting, Lord on days we cannot find You;

generations down from witnessing the sealed gape in Your side,

and two healed hands extended before Thomas,

so eager to hold them and hear how it was for You…

"Tell me, Lord, how did You endure?"

because, in Your absence, 

Thomas grieved and feared,

ran and hid and in his mind traveled far, so far...

Struggling his way to a new reality where he chose You 

and remembered again what he had decided was worth living and dying for -

to have the chance to get another glimpse of You

one more miracle to be seen through his eyes,

through his own two eyes that longed to see again…

because he believed more than he doubted

that You were who said You were

and did what You said You would do. 

Bless Your people, who believe greater than we doubt;

who are afraid until we remember, who long to behold You.
Give us the strength of Thomas,

the resolve to wait with hope,

Grant us the faith to see.

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