How does the church deal with death? From the Living With Death series from The Work Of The People, Stanley Hauerwas wonders if we fear death more than we do God. Music by Aaron Strumpel.


  1. Hauerwas says that “death” is something of which modern Christianity does not want to deal. We seem to want to die by our terms, telling physicians how we want to exactly die. However, the Book of Common Prayer asks God to deliver us from dying “suddenly and unprepared.” How is this different from our modern desire for how we want to die?
  2. In the Middle Ages, people wanted to have a lingering time before death in order to get their lives right with others and God. In other words, they feared God more than death. How have we, in modern times, lost the ability to come to terms death and therefore come to terms with our lives? How can we pace our lives in order to be reconciled to God and others?

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