A Pentecost benediction by Kelly Ann Hall.

Welcome Spirit Wind,
Animator, Sustainer,
You birthed the cosmos, ever expanding,
every system in perpetual motion.
You circulate over earth,
breeze across the surface of eternal waters,
teasing waves to roll;
You twist up the dusty ground,
and give dimension to your beloved,
You inspirit the dead!

Create space in the hearth of our being,
to welcome Spirit Fire, the ignitor of true life!
Take up our hearts, surrendered,
kindling before your Breath—
spark to flicker
flicker to flame,
stoke the hearts of your people!

Like floating embers off the tongue,
one anthem will rise
and, emblazoned by faith,
will catch on like wildfire!

Unity is the work of the Spirit,
Gather us to Your Lifeforce, O God
Leave no coal unlit!
Not one soul in the cold!

Thank you for tending to your Light within us, O God.
Thank you for sustaining the light of our souls.

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