Marlon Hall

Marlon is a griot who enjoys telling stories. He uses photography, anthropology, filmmaking, and writing to share stories of love, imagination, and passion. He is the cultural architect and spiritual leader of The Awakenings Movement, a grassroots community of social visionaries and culture shapers in Houston, Detroit, and Nairobi. He lives presently out that architecture as the General Manager of The Eat Gallery, a gallery for emerging culinary artists that features art on plates where traditional galleries feature art on walls. He is the author of Wake Up: Hip Hop Christianity and the Black Church. 

Marching from Pain to Possibility


A five film series on the journey through the wilderness of woundedness.

Fully Human


Marlon Hall on being fully human.

Surrender Ownership


Marlon Hall on letting Christ take ownership of us and not the other way around.

The Coming and The Waiting


“We shouldn’t wait on Jesus, we should wait…serve the people he came to save.” Artist Marlon Hall on Advent and the Hope that has come.



Artist Marlon Hall on the redefining power of Christmas.

Worship Is Life


Marlon Hall on vocation and discipleship.

Recommended Reading By Marlon Hall

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