Dale Ryan

Dale is Associate Professor of Recovery Ministry and Director of the Institute for Recovery Ministry at Fuller Seminary. Before coming to Fuller, Ryan was a member of the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his research focused on naturally occurring food toxins and on protein biochemistry. He gained ministry experience as pastor of care and fellowship at Whittier Area Baptist Fellowship in Whittier, California. Ryan also serves as the CEO of Christian Recovery International, an organization helping the Christian community become a safer and more accommodating place for people recovering from addiction, abuse, or trauma.

Ryan has written several books, among which are Soul Repair: Rebuilding a Spiritual Life (co-authored, 2008), Letting God Be God (2001), The Twelve Steps: A Spiritual Kindergarten (1999), and Life Recovery Guides (1994). He has also published numerous articles in STEPS, a publication of the National Association for Christian Recovery. His courses include Pastor Care and Abuse, and Recovery Ministry and Outreach in the Local Church.

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Dale Ryan on our inability to receive.

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Love Power


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Some anger deserve a kind faithfulness to it.

An Open-Hearted Response


A proper posture to reading scripture.

Leading Out Of Brokenness


You don't want a troubled pastor do you?

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