NT Wright on ministry, justice, justification and new creation.


  1. Wright talks about his work as the bishop of Durham, England. This city has fallen to economic ruin and many people have given up hope. Wright talks about how the church has taken the place of social services in Durham. How can churches think of worship as “sustaining the life that is going on around”? What are creative ways in which we can help restore the brokenness in our communities?
  2. Wright talks about the “street pastor project” that seeks to care for young people who are in the streets after partying at clubs. How can churches create ministries that support people, instead of judging or condemning them?
  3. In response the question about these ministries and their relationship to “salvation.” Wright talks about how the renewal of creation is not some otherworldly paradise, but something that takes place in the world (see Rom. 8 and Rev. 22). How do Christians often talk about salvation as a form of escape rather than a form of redemption?
  4. How can the church be a part of this kind of renewal?

Questions written by Phuc Luu.

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