How can you be present with loved ones during dying when you can't be physically present? From the Living With Death series from The Work Of The People, Stanley Hauerwas challenges us on our understanding of family. Music by Aaron Strumpel.

Questions For Reflection

  1. Hauerwas’s understanding of “family” has been altered by his experiences with others. In other words, his definition of “family” has expanded to include more than his biological family. How might our sense of “family” be expanded? What is the church’s role in expanding this definition of family?
  2. How might the church help us to break from the “its all up to me” mentality?
  3. For Hauerwas, liturgy helps us develop “truthful speech patterns for one another.” How does worship help us to proclaim what is true about us as opposed to what we might believe about others and ourselves?  

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