Is mission the activity of God or the church? Richard Twiss, author, speaker and member of the Rosebud Lakota/Sioux Tribe talks about TBN, storytelling and columns of the empire.


  1. Twiss tells a story about being invited to the TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) studios and being conflicted.1 While waiting the green room he was struck by the extravagant Greco/Roman décor in order to capture the image of the Kingdom. What are some of examples of the Kingdom recreated badly?
  2. Twiss talks about image of tiospaye or “extended family.” Before Israel was a kingdom the Hebrews lived in communities (tribal communities much like the Native Americans). How is this sense of Kingdom much different than the image of a political structure?
  3. Twiss sees that the idea of diversity is seen in the community of the Trinity and not a modern concept. How is diversity important to the Kingdom and our churches?
  4. What is the difference between mission as “story telling” rather than conversion? What is your story of God’s work in your life? 

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