I AM, You Are, We Are
A responsive reading to be.
by Kelly Ann Hall

I AM in the first stretch of morning
lighting the day, rustling trees, nudging birds,
rousing you - 
when your eyes open, I AM there.

Wait with Me
be still for a minute
take in one good, deep breath
exhale the night
make a little more room -
manger space

let Me take up residence in You,
and be your guiding star
hear Me when I say,

I AM here,
I AM right here.


When I make room within,
When I resist less, and rest more
I awaken knowing I am sourced in You. 

You teach me that I am accepted,
and afford me the grace to accept myself—
a person You chose in the womb, 
and like the stars,    
gave me a name.

I am just one among many.

Give me the blessing of knowing You
In light of You-with-me,
Show me who You believe I am.


Have faith that I AM with you
giving assurance, reminding you of who you are -
And that is not all.
I AM giving more of Myself to you,
investing in us - you, Me, and them -
hoping you will open up 
and with more Light, 
see more of what can be together. 

My beloved, 
let Me have liberty in you,
let Me be Myself, freely.


Help me tame my thoughts! 
Be who You must—God be God!

The One who is able to receive curses 
and gift presence.
Who comforts the grieving
Brings joy to the downtrodden
Who overcomes sorrow with gladness
and turns ashes to crowns.

It is hard to not be afraid of Your way!
It is nothing I could ever imagine, bigger than my wildest dreams!


Yes, it will be unimaginable! 
Don’t be afraid, you will not lose in the loosening -
just open your hands,
let go of this world’s reality,
I AM bringing you into Mine!

I made the Way, so the Way is made!
You would never expect it!
And, you could never be prepared, yet I urge you, “Get ready”.


Soon the unseen will be seen,
God, reorient our perceptions!
You have invested Yourself in us,
You are all in!

Let Your undying faith and love of humanity grow in me.
Let me grow into a love greater than I have ever known.

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