featuringRichard Rohr

“I would say, the form of Christianity we’ve been given, is structurally set up to create hypocrites” - Richard Rohr. Are we getting new minds or are we just acting out Christianity?

NOTE: In this piece Richard refers to and labels levels of consciousness with colors. This comes from Richard's use of Ken Wilbur's Integral Theory as a framework to identify levels of holiness and human consciousness. Richard identifies these levels in his video Survival to Connection. The levels are included below for reference at a glance.

  1. The Beige Level // Infant Consciousness - The level of basic survival.
  2. The Purple Level // Magical Consciousness - Good vs. Bad
  3. The Red Level // Tribal Consciousness - My Tribe vs. Your Tribe
  4. The Blue Level // Believers Consciousness - Law, Order & Ideology
  5. The Orange Level // Rational Consciousness - Truth & Meaning
  6. The Green Level // Pluralistic Consciousness - Everyone is Equal

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