Miroslav Volf on the promise of possibility in 1 Peter’s command, to “Honor everyone.”


  1. For Volf, 1 Peter summarizes all of the New Testament as to “how the marginalized group of Christians ought to be situated in the world.” We often orient ourselves towards different social groups, but how can we as Christians orient ourselves to Jesus Christ and allow the boundaries to fall as they will?
  2. In 1 Peter there is a command to “honor everyone.” However, for Volf there are examples of early Christians, such as Tertillian and Justin Martyr, who demanded pagans to honor them as persecuted people. How do we as Christians moved toward the “center,” which is life in Christ, in order to honor others instead of demanding others honor us.
  3. Volf uses Danish cartoons to show the clash between the sacred and the secular. But in reality it is often the clash between the sacred and the sacred. In other words, sometimes religious people, including Christians, see that it is the world that is against them, when in actuality they are wanting to be antagonists against the world. 

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