Look to Me, and see.
Watch Me enliven all of creation
My love, My grace 
received with every in-breath,
exchanged through each exhale.

I AM, the God of Moses,
extended an invitation 
to meet, human feet 
upon high holy places 
where heaven met earth. 

I called him out,
to walk with me, talk,
climb mountains
          not only to find Me somewhere
          not to prove My exclusivity
                    or supernatural divinity—

I AM with nothing to prove.
I wish you could have seen his face!
The glory of God upon him
transmitting Light from Me
to Moses to others—
outreach to the people!

But they were transfixed.
People straining 
for twinkles of light,
residue rather than coming to the source…
distanced from Me and My nature,

I long for you to know Me, and gain My heart
          no longer the hard-to-grasp Mountaintop God 
          that only appreciates accomplishment…

I AM when you lose footing and slide
I AM when you encounter the wild and hide
I AM when you lose faith, 
          dried up and blistered by wind and sun.
I AM with you, long before summit
          informing you, I just keep talking…
          about radical, inclusive love.

As you come to know Me for who I AM 
My presence becomes your countenance!
You arrive at the mountaintop,
are gifted the big reveal:

I was in you all along, 
You reside in Me!

This is the insight that brings unity; 
          empathy for your sister
          oneness with your brother.
My people, discover Me in one another

thin places, 
consecrated ground…

heaven on earth.

by Kelly Ann Hall

The Work of the People

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