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This series of films is to provide ways in which the Christian community can serve the world and at the same time be faithful to God’s vision of the Peaceable Kingdom. In this curriculum, we will look at the myth of the “Christian” nation and re-narrate what it means to live as residents in a foreign land.

The curriculum, written by Phuc Luu,  includes 7 sessions with an accompanying discussion guide. 


  • SESSION ONE// Citizenship as Resistance (Brian Zahnd’s "Resisting Empire” video)
  • SESSION TWO // Citizenship as Hospitality (Walter Brueggemann’s “An Alternative Way” video)
  • SESSION THREE // Citizenship as Love for Land (Norman Wirzba’s “Called to Hope” video)
  • SESSION FOUR // Citizenship as Justice Work (Miguel De La Torre’s “Doing the Gospel” video)
  • SESSION FIVE // Citizenship as Cruciformity (Greg Boyd’s “The Cruciform Way of the Lamb” video)
  • SESSION SIX // Citizenship as Relating to the Other (Reggie Williams’ “Restoration of Relationships” video)
  • SESSION SEVEN // Citizenship as the Image of God (Lisa Sharon Harper’s “Witnessing Through Baptized Eyes” video)

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